Real solutions for everyday athletes

Run Sessions

Better together! Track Attack is our weekly speed / threshold session on the track.  

Individual Online Coaching 

Meticulous guidance towards your race goals. Get in touch for a free consult.

Training Camps
3 day Endurance Blocks for Half and Full Ironman race prep. 

Meet a few of the BRAVES' 

I love that triathlon has no shortcuts. It’s a simple equation of what you put in is what you get out. Now that I’ve gone under 10, I don’t want to go back above it!! - Ben Hecksher

The benefits include a structured programme tailored to your specific requirements and availability, the sense of accountability and having someone who takes an interest in you personally - Megan Gray

With my coach, I have been able to progress on all three disciplines; in fact, the bike, which used to be my weakest link is now my strongest discipline  - Edmund Tai

Direct Expert Advise

High level, One-on- One,  personal and online communication wherever you are in the world.

Corporate Programmes

From casual run sessions to dedicated race specific programmes, Braves' workshops are a great platform to nurture relationships across the company while promoting the benefits of healthy living.

Latest Webinars

FTP is not the be all and end all of cycling ability. Learn how to derive other metrics to guide triathlon training and racing. Covering the basics such as Efficiency Factor/ Intensity Factor/ Variability Index and how to use your data to build your race day strategy.